Perth to Perth Rally

Posted on 29 October 2017


Four Rover Scouts  spent six moths travelling from their home town Perth, Western Australia to Perth Scotland. this tip took over five years to plan and arrange travel permits etc. In true Scouting style we could not let this achievement go by without a warm welcome from their ultimate destination!

On 25th October our District Team caught up the travellers when they finally arrived in Perth. A civic reception hosted by the Lord Provost was held at the Town Hall which had been arranged by ADC martin Adams. After initial introductions were made several presentation followed and the intrepid travellers were invited to sign the official visitors book.


The four ramblers Richard, Tonina, Paris and Alistair then took time the following weekend to meet some of the youth members from across the District before they finally got to go home. they brought along an array of fascinating items they had collected from their travels to over 16 countries such as Cambodia, Lao, Mongolia, China and Russia. These items included Russian space food and tinned horse! Tonina had also collected badges given to her by the many Scouts they had met along the way and we were happy to add to her collection.

We were given a presentation on their travels and the Scouts had the opportunity to ask questions about their travels. There was a lot of interest in their tales from travelling through China and Russia particularly. After all of the this Paris and Alistair showed the Scouts round Oliver their trusty 4×4 and other equipment they used on their trip. It was a great afternoon and we all learned a lot about planning and how to order food in the various countries!

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